Updated: Feb 22


It’s our one-year anniversary! Thank you to all that have participated and supported our project. The best is yet to come! 😃🎶🌍 Jam for Freedom started in Hampstead Heath, London by musician and educator, Cambel McLaughlin on December 20th, 2020 as a response to government tyranny. His aim was to bring the worlds musicians together in a day of solidarity, called the ‘Jam for Freedom’. Several months later after tireless touring around the UK and Ireland with pro-freedom musicians, the project received international recognition from rock and roll great Eric Clapton and a feature in his music video ‘This Has Gotta Stop’. Since then the movements vision has been realised, with 12 international chapters across 4 continents using live music to build community, strength and harmony. At the end of the year we will have achieved over 150 jams! 🎸 Find our updated tour diary of shows across the world and support our independent movement by donating or purchasing merchandise.

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