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Get involved with our jams best by learning our setlists below! If you have originals music or any other covers bring them along and our musicians will try to make them work live too! You can email these in to 


Hosted by Cambel McLaughlin

⦁Jam for Freedom- Life of a Rebel
⦁Eric Clapton/ Van Morrison- This Has Gotta Stop/ Where Have All the Rebels Gone ⦁ Brown-Eyed Girl
⦁Freedom 90- George Michael 

⦁Bob Marley- Get Up, stand up + One Love ⦁Want to break free- Queen
⦁Superstitious- Stevie wonder ⦁Rockin in the free world- Neil Young
⦁Oasis- Whatever, dont look back in Anger ⦁Born to be wild- Steppenwolf
⦁Freed from Desire- Gala ⦁Get lucky- Daft Punk ⦁Le freak- Chic ⦁Beatles- Twist and shout
⦁Tom petty- free falling + Wont back down ⦁Beastie boys- fight for our right to party



⦁ Yankee Doodle⦁ She'll be Coming 'Round the Mountain⦁ Arkansas Traveler⦁ The Battle Cry of Freedom⦁ Battle Hymn of the Republic⦁ Rawhide⦁ When Johnny Comes Marching Home⦁ We're Not Gonna Take It⦁ Thunderstruck⦁ Enter Sandman⦁ Fortunate Son⦁ Working Man 


⦁ We're an American Band⦁ Wipe Out⦁ Born to Be Wild⦁ Panama⦁ Day Tripper⦁ Back in Black⦁ Ghost Riders in the Sky⦁ Guitar Polka⦁ Sailor's Hornpipe⦁ Turkey in the Straw⦁ Pretty Woman⦁ Sweet Home Alabama⦁ Sweet Georgia Brown⦁ Munsters⦁ Misirlou⦁ Brown Eyed Girl⦁ Cat Scratch Fever⦁ Working for the Weekend⦁ America


⦁William Tell Overture⦁ The Devil Went Down to Georgia⦁ Won't Get Fooled Again⦁ Rock & Roll Band⦁ Eye of the Tiger⦁ Crazy Train⦁ Highway Star⦁ Jessica⦁ Don't Stop Believing⦁ Any Way You Want It⦁ The Spirit of Radio⦁ Bark at the Moon⦁ Freebird⦁ Ride of the Valkyries⦁ Stars and Stripes Forever⦁ God Bless America⦁ God Bless the USA⦁ America the Beautiful⦁ The Star Spangled Banner Unchained

Hosted by Populist Stage Right

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