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By Cambel McLaughlin, founder of Jam for Freedom.


Thank you to all that have participated and supported our international music project. In the midst of lockdowns in June 2020 I brought my portable drum kit and speaker out to local parks to bring cheer and smiles to Londoners. This then developed into  weekly outdoor free gigs named 'The Outside Jam' until the winter cold stopped us. On December 20th of that year further draconian measures increased against musicians and the general population with another lockdown. I then changed the name of my project to 'Jam for Freedom' My aim was to bring the world’s musicians together in a day of solidarity, called the ‘Jam for Freedom’. It was the first of many.


After several months of tireless touring around the UK and Ireland with pro-freedom musicians, the project received international recognition from rock and roll great Eric Clapton. Van Morrison’s Rhythm and Blues Foundation also supported our cause, giving us funds to upgrade our modest busking rig, and what propelled the project to international awareness was Eric Clapton’s featuring us in his music video for ‘This Has Gotta Stop’. I instantly received emails from across the world from people wanting to join in. We went from having two chapters in Ireland and the UK that I set up, to having 15 and growing.


Three years down the line and over 500 jams later, we are forever grateful for all the support we have received across the world, from the families that have put us up in their homes and to the countless musicians that showed up to perform and support freedom.


Our story now lives on.... join us at our annual festival! Details HERE


The Jam for Freedom movement is now global with 11 different countries and our ‘International Jam for Freedom Day’ uniting musicians in inter-continental jams all live-streamed at the same time! Our supporters now include Eric Clapton, Van Morrison, Right Said Fred and musicians and music-lovers from across the world.

Our story is your story. Let music raise the vibration and create the revolution in the mind, body and soul. We will win this war on our sacred human consciousness…the future is yours. Victory is ours. We will never surrender.

Funds used from your donations will be used to help us to spread truth through music as well as any expenses incurred on the road as we tour non-stop in aid of liberty, mental health, and medical choice.

Thank you for helping us stay independent and to help humanity with the power of live music, community and real-life connection. Sending love and appreciation!




No medical records, medical devices, or mandatory drugs will ever be required to attend our festivals or events. We will continue to defend the art of live music and the extraordinary mental and social benefits it brings to others. For resources on knowing your basic human rights and the freedom of medical choice you have please view these below:

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