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Are you ready to party with us?

Available for global bookings by emailing:

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Cambel McLaughlin
The founder of the Jam for Freedom movement, Cambel brings his experience as a lead singer, drummer, percussionist and street musician to stages of all sizes, wherever, whenever.

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Gonzalo Carrera
Gonzalo is an exceptional pianist who has toured and recorded with the likes of John Helliwell (Supertramp, Pink Floyd) as well as Narada Michael Walden (Mahavishnu Orchestra, Witney Houston) and Jon Anderson (Yes). A truly fantastic player.

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Kamil Woj
A world-class bass and guitar player, 'Kam' also brings his talent as a solo classical guitar player as our warm-up act. His resume includes touring with Pete Way (Founding member of UFO and member of the Ozzy Osbourne band).

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Rob Warrington
The frontman for the brilliant pro-freedom group 'This Machine Kills Archons', Rob brings his talent of popular classics alongside his catchy and sweet rock and roll originals. Catch a selection of both originals and covers when he features in the party band.

Let’s Work Together

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