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Get closer to the music!

Help us keep the beat alive and become part of our worldwide movement of musicians and music-lovers.

  • Free Man or Woman

    Every month
    Help break the shackles of the world with free live music!
    • -Receive a monthly Jam for Freedom sticker delivery
    • -Help support our journey as the world's only touring jam
    • -Exclusive updates, content and events invitation.
    • -Gain access to our members only forum (coming June 2022)
  • Rebel

    Every month
    Where have all the rebels gone? Help us unify the unshackled
    • -Receive all previous membership perks
    • -Receive a Jam for Freedom Pen + flyers
  • Key JFF Supporter

    Every month
    Receive all Rebel benefits + help us bring it live & louder!
    • -Receive all the benefits of the previous memberships.
    • -Help us fund our music revolution to the next level!
    • -Receive an exclusive catalogue of livestreams and content
    • -Request songs to be featured on our live streams
  • Honorary Member

    Every month
    Help us bless the world with unrelenting rhythm! 1-2-3-4!
    • -Receive all the benefits of the previous membership
    • -Receive a signed CD of our upcoming compilation album
    • -Monthly gifts to say thank you!
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