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It's going to be an amazing festival!


Read below about our massive improvements, what happened at our first festival and what we've done to get justice.


- A collage of Jam for Freedom shows and moments from across the world since 2020!

The Jam for Freedom Spirit and Journey

Life is about learning lessons and improving day by day. When I set up what was to become Jam for Freedom during the summer lockdowns of 2020 I would bring around my drum kit packed into a suitcase with a backpack and a speaker. I'd use the actual suitcase as a bass drum and speak to the crowd with a microphone to get people dancing in the parks and on the streets or at my local park in East London. I then met local musicians who started to join in. Word then got around and other professional musicians from across the city started jamming too!















The evolution of the Outside Jam into Jam for Freedom

Eventually I decided I had to bring this tour across the UK at the end of 2020 after countless harmful lockdowns. The project was re-named Jam for Freedom as an attempt to inspire musicians to come out on the streets and parks and jam for exactly that! On that first tour across the UK I struggled to find musicians that were able or willing to go on a tour in a motorhome and spread music and joy often in the cold. We had 3 weeks rental of a motorhome covered by grateful donations! This was an ordeal to find a willing company who would hire it out and I had to convince them that the documentary aspect of our tour was allowed under the restrictions. When I was arrested for jamming in a park, the motorhome company found out and demanded it back, but then we got a cheap family car to cram our equipment into and kept going!


I had to learn how to sing, set up an outdoor stage, drive a large vehicle, promote the shows, create the media and everything else that kept cropping up! Eventually I met other musicians and singers that would end up joining in our magical tours, but I had to learn quite literally 'on the road'. Sometimes shows started a little late, sometimes police hounded us, followed us and forced us to change locations. It was a real challenge and although it was tough, I revelled in it. It has made me who I am. The Jam for Freedom journey and spirit of never giving up, despite the pressures of 25 riot vans and riot police encircling our shows in Hyde Park and all that went with it.


- Our show in Bishops Park on February 20th 2021 with police presence and interference a regular occurrence

Our first festival did not go as smoothly as expected, chiefly with our chosen production company Events Gear LTD not doing the job they were paid to do with our main stage. This then meant we had disruption to the schedule and the event as we spent many hours building a new staging area and spending more money on extra staff and new equipment. The company had some good clients and pictures online. We were told that they would come and fix the job during the event, but it never materialised. We were then promised a refund, for it to be then refused later on.


I spent a couple months seeking legal advice and then submitted two court claims against them. One for our full refund and then for compensation. This was to total over £20,000.





















I was awarded both judgements. However, the company swiftly went into administration after these judgements, meaning I have yet to be awarded a penny. They have sold their assets for chump change at auction and I am unlikely to get any money back from their poor workmanship as they have many other creditors. I then saw that shortly after our event they had done similar things to other events and festivals. I am glad I was at least able to force them to close their business and prevent them doing this to anyone else.



Key areas of production are now being managed by Absolute Stage Hire and their experienced team. We have hand-picked this company and their team on the recommendation by our headliners Right Said Fred and their management. This company have worked with Right Said Fred on worldwide tours and large concerts with top artists. They will not let us down and will help us to put on an absolutely incredible show with their staging, sound, lighting and team.















-Some of the fantastic work from Absolute Audio Hire




At last years site at Redricks Lake we were promised a clear car park, an assistant to organise the glamping tents on the day, a pizza chef and unfortunately none of this was provided to us. This left us having to organise a new car-park on the second day of the event, which was a further cost and logistical pressure I did not expect. This once again meant further staffing and equipment costs. The glamping tents were also not to standard after being promised top quality in our contract. The company I paid to hire the campsite are called Cre8 Glamping and they conveniently closed their business a month before the festival began.
















 This left me with no way to remedy the situation or gain a refund for our experience. I spent a large amount of money to hire this land. This was then left to me to resolve which took up further time during and after the event. We kept on moving and worked hard to make it the best event possible, and I believe we did a brilliant job.


There were even defamatory rumours spread by a provocateur journalist that we made a huge amount of money, that the whole event was paid for by a donor or that we didn't refund or compensate the 20 people that couldn't get in due to their car park issues. These people were refunded and compensated almost immediately after the festival and have been given free tickets for next year (even though many of them came back the next day and joined our new car park).


Onwards and upwards!


-Springfield Farm: A huge upgrade in size, quality, on-site facilities and accessibility


We have chosen our brand new site at the Apollo Activities Centre on Springfield Farm due to its history of hosting festivals of over 5000 people. This is a massive increase in size and space for the festival which we can use to ensure all cars and guests can park and camp with ease. They host events and activities all year round and have brilliant reviews (check out the Apollo Centre for Activities here)

It even has a pub on site for all night jamming!


Multiple food vendors catering for all diets have also been booked in, so there will be much more quality food without queues this time.












- Above: 4 days and nights of fun, connection and activities for all the family!


The owner of the land is a supporter of the festival and he lives on site in his house. We are working with him to make sure its the best festival yet! Our license for the event has already been swiftly approved by the council.


We are also working with a bespoke luxury glamping company who will provide, maintain and set-up some gorgeous bell tents equipped with all the amenities and bedding.

Soon to be announced!


We are working hard to grow the festival at this site as there is much more land to be accessed for future years. This years festival is already selling fast so don't delay if you want to join us!

See the good times from last years sold-out debut festival!
Photography slideshow by Kerry Murray and Mary Hennessy. Click the photos to see more!


















If these experiences did not happen as I've mentioned above, from journeying out for the first time with my suitcase drum kit in a local park, to being scammed by a staging company out of £20k, then there would be no place to improve and learn from. Jam for Freedom Music and Arts Festival 2024 is our second time to put on a large event, and with all of this experience and our brand-new and improved location and production company, I know from my experiences that this will be an incredible and special festival. I would love for you all to join us.


Because of these massive improvements in quality of venue and production, ticket prices have slightly increased to work out at £5 extra per day.


As a thank you to those that came to our first years event all those and made it so special, on arrival guests that joined us in 2023 will be given tokens for a free meal from our many food vendors and two free drinks.


This will also be given on top of any discounts offered previously. If any confusion, please email us at


Head to the Official Festival Page Here to learn more!


























Our brand-new and improved festival returns after a sell-out show last year! See Right Said Fred, Joseph Arthur, Sons of Cream and enjoy 4 days and nights of 100+ liberating performances, workshops & panels! Camping and campervan tickets available + concessions and free tickets for under 12's!

August 8th- 11th | Springfield Farm, St Albans, Hertfordshire
Tickets are strictly limited, so please do not delay to avoid disappointment.


A collage of Jam for Freedom shows across the world!
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