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Jamming Setlists

Find setlists below for our different chapters for when they head out to jam! Suggest songs to



⦁ Yankee Doodle⦁ She'll be Coming 'Round the Mountain⦁ Arkansas Traveler⦁ The Battle Cry of Freedom⦁ Battle Hymn of the Republic⦁ Rawhide⦁ When Johnny Comes Marching Home⦁ We're Not Gonna Take It⦁ Thunderstruck⦁ Enter Sandman⦁ Fortunate Son⦁ Working Man 


⦁ We're an American Band⦁ Wipe Out⦁ Born to Be Wild⦁ Panama⦁ Day Tripper⦁ Back in Black⦁ Ghost Riders in the Sky⦁ Guitar Polka⦁ Sailor's Hornpipe⦁ Turkey in the Straw⦁ Pretty Woman⦁ Sweet Home Alabama⦁ Sweet Georgia Brown⦁ Munsters⦁ Misirlou⦁ Brown Eyed Girl⦁ Cat Scratch Fever⦁ Working for the Weekend⦁ America


⦁William Tell Overture⦁ The Devil Went Down to Georgia⦁ Won't Get Fooled Again⦁ Rock & Roll Band⦁ Eye of the Tiger⦁ Crazy Train⦁ Highway Star⦁ Jessica⦁ Don't Stop Believing⦁ Any Way You Want It⦁ The Spirit of Radio⦁ Bark at the Moon⦁ Freebird⦁ Ride of the Valkyries⦁ Stars and Stripes Forever⦁ God Bless America⦁ God Bless the USA⦁ America the Beautiful⦁ The Star Spangled Banner Unchained

Hosted by Stage Populist Right

uk touring chapter

Hosted by Cambel McLaughlin

Freedom 90- George Michael
Free falling- Tom Petty
Bob Marley- Get Up, stand up + One Love
Want to break free- Queen
Superstitious- Stevie wonder
Rockin in the free world- Neil Young
Oasis- Whatever, dont look back in Anger 
Born to be wild- Steppenwolf
Freed from Desire- Gala
Get lucky- Daft Punk
Le freak- Chic
Oasis- Dont look back in anger
Beatles- Twist and shout
Tom petty- free falling +
Wont back down
Beastie boys- fight for our right to party

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